Ground Cover Mats

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These rugged mats are made of 1/2" thick recycled polyethylene so they are virtually indestructible. They withstand vehicles weighing up to 120 tons, bend but do not break and they feature a Limited Lifetime Warranty. AlturnaMATS have been tested in record cold and heat.

With AlturnaMATS, getting stuck is virtually eliminated. They are available smooth on one side or smooth on both sides, ideal for removing dirt or gravel.

  • Easily supports 120-ton loads
  • Rugged 1/2" thick recycled polyethylene
  • Bold cleat design for great traction
  • Build a roadway or working platform in minutes
  • Leave turf smooth, even in soft conditions
  • No more splintered, warped, water logged plywood
  • Simply hosing down leaves the mats clean
  • Available in both black, white and clear mats
  • Mats can be locked together with Turn-A-Links forming a continuous roadway or workable platform
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Sizes to suit your needs Approx. Ship Wt.
Size Item Number lbs. kg
Black Mats 4'x8' (1.22 x 2.44m) AM48 86.00 (39.00)
3'x8' (0.91 x 2.44m) AM38 64.00 (29.25)
3'x6' (0.91 x 1.83m) AM36 51.00 (23.13)
2'x8' (0.61 x 2.44m) AM28 43.00 (19.50)
2'x6' (0.61 x 1.83m) AM26 32.35 (14.62)
2'x4' (0.61 x 1.22m) AM24 21.50 (9.75)
White Mats 4'x8' (1.22 x 2.44m) WM48 86.00 (39.00)
3'x8' (0.91 x 2.44m) WM38 64.00 (29.25)
2'x8' (0.61 x 2.44m) WM28 43.00 (19.50)
2'x6' (0.61 x 1.83m) WM26 32.35 (14.62)
2'x4' (0.61 x 1.22m) WM24 21.50 (9.75)



VersaMATS literally are the most versatile ground protection mats in the industry. The flat, slip-resistant tread permits pedestrians to walk safely on the mats, yet they are as rugged as the original AlturnaMATS. The reverse side has the same diamond plate tread as AlturnaMATS, providing great traction for vehicles.

VersaMATS are also available in white, making them ideal for safe use as long walkways even in darkened conditions. They are also available smooth on one side.

  • Leaves turf smooth even in soft soil conditions
  • Tough 1/2" thick recycled polyethylene
  • Two practical cleat designs…for walking and vehicle traffic
  • Withstand 120-ton loads
  • Build a temporary roadway or walkway in minutes
  • Lock together with Turn-A-Links or EZ links
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Sizes to suit your needs Approx. Ship Wt.
Size Item Number lbs. kg
Black Mats 4'x8' (1.22 x 2.44m) VM48 86.00 (39.00)
3'x8' (0.91 x 2.44m) VM38 64.00 (29.25)
2'x8' (0.61 x 2.44m) VM28 43.00 (19.50)
White Mats 4'x8' (1.22 x 2.44m) WV48 86.00 (39.00)
3'x8' (0.91 x 2.44m) WV38 64.00 (29.25)


Package Contents
1 AMRK Turn-A-Rack Storage and Transportation Rack with four (4) way fork lift entry
20 RTL-SG Turn-A-Links
2 AMHH Handi-Hooks
2 Custom Nylon Ratchet Straps
Mat-Pak Specs Approx. Ship Wt.
Size Item Number lbs. kg
Original Black Mats 4' x 8' AMCP4 1126 (510.75)
3' x 8' AMCP3 868 (393.72)
White Mats 4' x 8' WMCP4 1126 (510.75)
3' x 8' WMCP3 868 (393.72)
VersaMATS Black Mats 4' x 8' VMCP4 1126 (510.75)
3' x 8' VMCP3 868 (393.72)
VersaMATS White Mats 4' x 8' WVCP4 1126 (510.75)
3' x 8' WVCP3 868 (393.72)
Turn-A-Rack 6"H x 8' L x 3' W AMRK 70 (31.75)

Downloadable PDFs
Alturnamats Info
Mat-Pak Info
Alturnamats Poster



  • Single Turn-A-Links lock mats end-to-end
  • Double Turn-A-Links lock four (4) mats together at corners

Turn-A-Links (patent pending) create an instant portable roadway or working platform for as long as you need it. Connect easily. Ideal when working in harsh sites or when the job requires several days to complete. Made of rugged 1/2" round hot roll steel. Also available in flat hot roll steel - 1/4" thick x 3/4" wide. Both styles, the round and the flat links come with a galvanized coating, making them easier to locate on a jobsite and protects them from rusting.

Single Turn-A-Link Double Turn-A-Link
You can make your own "roadway" using Single Turn-A-Links. Perfect when "walkout" is a problem at work sites. Double Turn-A-Links create one large working platform mounted firmly in place. Eliminates walkouts.

Turn-A-Links Specs Approx. Ship Wt.
Size Item Number lbs. kg
Round 1/2" dia. Single RTL-SG 8 (227)
Double RTL-DG 20 (567)
Flat 1/4" x 3/4" Single FTL-SG 8 (227)
Double FTL-DG 20 (567)

EZ Links

EZ Links

E-Z Links are a new and convenient linking system for the AlturnaMATS VersaMATS. The E-Z Link system can be used with the VersaMATS for pedestrian applications as well as for the movement of light, compact equipment (less than 12000 GVW) when positioned on stable ground conditions. The new E-Z Link system allows for a rapid connection and dismantling of VersaMATS.



The easy way to move AlturnaMats around the work site. Simply hook into holes in the mats and move them easily.

Handi-Hooks Specs Approx. Ship Wt.
Size Item Number lbs. kg
3' (91.44 cm) AMHH 2.50 1.13