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AlturnaMATS offers the broadest line of professional grade ground protection mats in the industry. AlturnaMATS products leave turf smooth, even under heavy vehicle traffic. No costly turf repair bills, and you’ll never get stuck again.

AlturnaMATS, Inc. markets two different ground mats and outrigger pads.

AlturnaMATS: Featuring a bold diamond plate tread for maximum traction.

VersaMATS: Featuring a flat, slip-resistant tread on one side designed for pedestrian traffic, and the bold diamond plate tread on the other side for vehicle traffic.

Outrigger Pads: Single-ply pads are available in 10 sizes with capacity up to 140,000 lbs.

These mats virtually eliminate damage to lawns and landscaped areas throughout the world...from North America, Asia, Australia, Europe, to even Antarctica. These rugged mats are the popular choice among professionals. They are easy to use, lock into place to form a continuous, solid roadway or work platform and they last for years. They are unequalled for quality and performance under the most hazardous conditions.

AlturnaMATS are used in a broad variety of applications such as construction, golf courses, utilities, landscaping, tree care, cemeteries, drilling…wherever saving the costs of ground restoration is a factor. And they are great to save heavy vehicles from getting stuck in mud.

AlturnaMATS and VersaMATS provide locking links designed of steel to fit into holes on each end of the mats, locking them end-to-end to create a continuous roadway, or you can easily create a large platform for working vehicles.