Grinding Equipment

Givens International Drilling Supplies offers hand-held grinders, grinding cups, grinding wheels, grinding pins, and other accessories. We offer the popular Secoroc Grind Matic HG as well as some generic grinders. Contact us with your specific grinding needs for more information.

Grinding Equipment

Secoroc Grind Matic HG

Grind Matic HG is a complete manual grinding system comprising a grinding machine, grinding cup and a specially designed chuck. The grinding cups are equipped with a rubber bushing, preventing the transmission of vibrations to the machine. The cups can be cooled with either air or water. The QuickSnap chuck allows you to change grinding cups quickly and easily.

Product Name Grind Matic HG
Button Size 932 - 2532"
Air pressure, max. 101.5 psi
Air consumption, unloaded 50 l/s
Air consumption, loaded (86 psi) 42 l/s
Hose dimension, air 12"
Hose dimension, water 14"
Idling speed 17000 r/min
Water flushing pressure, max. 65.3 psi
Weight, excluding hoses 6.2 lb
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Diamond Grinding cups for button bits, COPROD and down-the-hole bits

Grinding cups are used, for smaller grinding volumes, to grind both button and down-the-hole bits in air powered hand-held grinding machines. Featuring a special mixture of abrasive, Secoroc grinding cups are able to grind cemented carbide and steel in a single operation. You can use either air or water as a coolant.