Float Valves

Baker Float Valves, manufactured by Forum, have become an industry standard with their superior engineering, quality construction, and dependability in service. Commonly used in a wide range of drilling situations and operating conditions, they provide added blowout protection at the bottom of the drill string, prevent flow-back when joints are added, and keep cuttings out of the drill pipe to prevent bit plugging while making connections.

Givens International Drilling Supplies is an authorized distributor of Baker Float Valves, and we keep several popular sizes in stock for fast delivery. Contact us today for your float valve needs.

Float Valves

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Model F Float Valve

The Model F Plunger Type Valve provides positive and instantaneous shut off against high and low pressure, assuring continuous control of fluid flow during drilling. For normal drilling operations, the durable Model F is the most economical choice and is available in all sizes. RATED OPERATING PRESSURE 7,500 WP.

Model G Float Valve

The Model G Flapper Type Full Open Valve incorporates a specially designed flapper which opens quickly and fully to provide a completely unrestricted bore through the valve. The Model G is especially good for use with highly abrasive fluids. When circulation stops, the flapper closes instantly to prevent cuttings from entering the drill string and plugging the bit. The valve opens when the first joint is raised out of the hole assuring the first joints drain and are not pulled wet. The flapper-type valve complements primary blowout prevention equipment to provide complete internal pressure control. The Model G is available in all sizes except 1R, 1F-2R, and 6F. RATED OPERATING PRESSURE 7,500 WP.

Float Valve Specifications Guide