Stratex Systems

The Stratex Drill System (SDS) is an overburden drilling system designed for conditions where a cased hole is required. Stratex designed their system with drillers and drilling contractors. The patented eccentric design and the Drop Off Ring (DOR) drill bits enable the drill string and casing to be lowered in the hole simultaneously with a conventional hammer drilling system.

The SDS eccentric designed bit rotates outward and drills a larger diameter hole than the casing, avoiding cave-ins, wash-outs and other problems common in normal drilling operations in soft strata and gravel or loose rock.

After reaching the designated depth, the SDS reamer-bit is retracted by reversing the direction of the rotation and by applying tension on the reamer-bit, which has a taper and will retract into the casing for easy removal of the entire drill-string. This leaves the casing in place for other applications or for removal at a later date. The SDS method is designed for use with flush joint threaded pipe or welded type casing, and provides a bit size for a wide variety of different casing wall thicknesses.

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